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Sunday, August 9, 2020

ESOP / ESPS Price vs Current Share Price of PSBs as on 09.08.2020

In Late 2018 and early 2019,many Public Sector Banks (PSBs) came up with their Employee Stock Ownership Plan and allotted the shares to their employees at a price as mentioned in the table. Current market price after 15-18 months as on 09.08.2020 is still below the allotment price.
  • Bank of Maharashtra is the best mover and provided a return of 12.43% to its employees
  • Indian Bank is the worst mover and it wiped out 70.12% of investment of its employees 
For comparative analysis of movement of share prices w.r.t. ESPS/ESOP prices as on 23.05.2020, please click here

Disclaimer: This post is for staff members who had invested in ESOP/ESPS of their Bank. This analysis represents the movement of share prices of PSBs w.r.t. their ESOP/ESPS price only and it does not, in any way, represent the strength, efficiency of any bank and its employees. Owner of also has investment in shares of above banks.

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