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Why Bank?

As regard to the Banking as career option, it may be termed that Banking is a good career option for the following reason:

  • Job Security- at least as of now banking job is secured job if you are working with public sector bank (PSBs). However looking at the mood of the present government, PSBs may be privatized any time in future and therefore this may be kept in mind if anyone is thinking of a career in Banks for Job Security

  • Decent Salary- Bank offers decent salary to maintain the reasonable standard of living but again this is not commensurate with the work pressure and stress level a banker has to face in day to day working

  • Perks and Allowances- Bank provides various perks and allowances apart from payslip salary. It includes petrol allowances, newspaper allowances, Entertainment allowances, cleaning allowances, telephone allowances, medical insurance, LFC/LTC and so on depending on the bank with which you are working

  • Good promotion prospects- Yes this may be termed as a good reason in banking career as the promotion are quick in almost all the banks. This is mainly due to the reason that huge number of staffs are being retired every month

  • All India Transfer- Bank job carries all India transferability. You may get the opportunity to work in different states of the country and experience different languages, food and culture. Banks also has their own transfer policy wherein you may get the posting of your choice also

  • Chances of Foreign Posting- Almost every bank in India has worldwide presence and therefore if you are a good worker you may get the chance of foreign posting

  • Public Service and social respect- You can do public service through various government sponsored schemes where bank play a vital role. As regard to the social respect it totally depends on the place of posting you get. In rural area you get social respect whereas in metro and urban area situation is otherwise

  • Vast Role to Play- In Bank you have to play many roles to play. You need to earn profit, you need to do social banking, you need to implement government scheme, you need to keep the customer happy, you need to do compliance of policies last but not the least you need to manage all the things with staff shortage and available infrastructure and peripherals

I have covered many aspects to consider while choosing Banking as a Career option. But personally whichever career choice we do according to our interest is the best career option for us


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