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Bank Holiday Homes

Banking Industry comprise of more than 10,00,000 employees and welfare of these employees is the responsibility of the Bank. Also Banking profession include lot of stress and restless working. Therefore almost every bank has setup various Holiday Homes on owned or leased basis at almost every tourist destination in India so that a relaxing and rejoicing holidays can be provided to the employees in these quality holiday homes at an affordable price

These holiday homes are available to employees on very nominal rent say Rs100/- per day per room. These rooms are mostly Double and triple bedded. Booking of these holiday homes can be done through the respective Zonal/Regional office who manages that particular holiday home. You may book for a continuous period of 4 days. Many Banks has come up with the feature of online booking of these holiday homes through their HRMS portal as an initiative of "Paperless HR".

These holiday homes are available to both present and retired staff.

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