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Promotion Policy

Promotion in any organization depends on the available vacancies. Public Sector Banks in India comprised of more than ten lakhs employees and therefore there are regular retirements. In order to fill-up the vacancy due to retirement and to meet the expansion need of the bank, banks promote the existing employees to higher scale through promotion each year. Every PSB has its own promotion policy in place which suits its size and requirement. Also these promotion policies may be changed frequently. Therefore we will not discuss promotion policy of any specific bank.


Promotion in bank is of two types:

  • Clerk Promotion
  • Officer Promotion

Also there are two channel of promotion:

  • Seniority
  • Merit

 Promotion of Officer

  • Promotion in Officer Cadre depends upon the length of service in bank, previous marks in appraisal, completion of rural/semi-urban service, completion of branch managership etc.
  • On the basis of available candidates against the vacancy, Bank may relax these criteria as mentioned above
  • Promotion process followed by banks in general is:
  1. Written test (upto scale 3 only)
  2. Interview
  3. Group discussion (for scale 4 and above)

  • In promotion upto scale 3, generally 10% marks are assigned for Professional qualification i.e. JAIIB, CAIIB, Post Graduation, CA, CS, ICWAI, MBA etc.
  • Seniority channel of promotion is applicable for promotion to Scale 2 and 3 only
  • In seniority channel minimum length of service is obviously higher and passing marks criteria is lower than that of merit channel and depends upon the available vacancies against this channel
  • In seniority channel generally there is no interview and weightage of marks of performance appraisal is also minimum (say 10-20%)
  • In merit channel (upto scale 3), previous performance appraisal, Written test score and interview marks has almost same weightage (say 30% each) rest of the weight is assigned to professional qualification as mentioned above
  • In merit channel (from scale 4 onwards), previous performance appraisal are assigned highest weight (say 50%) and rest are assigned to Interview and Group Discussion ( say 25-25 or 30-20)
  • In merit channel, length of service in majority of the banks is 3years, 6 yeas, 9 years and 12 years for promotion to scale 2, scale 3, scale 4 and scale 5 respectively
  • One needs to complete the requisite rural/semi urban service for promotion to higher scale but banks generally relax this condition

Promotion of Clerk 

  • Promotion from Clerk to Officer Scale 1 is more or less same as that of for Scale 1 to Scale 2 Officer
  • There is only written test and no interview for promotion of clerk
  • All other aspects like merit channel, seniority, professional qualification marks etc. remains the same as mentioned above
  • After promotion from clerk to officer, fitment of salary of promoted officer is decided as per the fitment circular as suggested by IBA after each bipartite settlement. It is not mandatory for banks to follow this circular. Banks may devise its own fitment chart with duly consultation with Employees/ Staff Unions .

Latest IBA fitment Circular: 


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