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Transfer Policy

If you are planning a career in banking then you should know about the transfer policy of the bank with whom you are going to work. Here we are talking about Public Sector Banks (PSBs) only. Transfer policy in Banks differs from one Bank to another and cannot be claimed as a right. Transfer policy for officers is different for that of clerks and sub-staffs. Let’s look at the different types of transfer in Bank:


  1. Transfer of Officers:
  • As the name suggest, request transfer is obviously requested by the staff.
  • This option is available upto Scale III officers only. From Scale IV onward, we cannot apply for request transfer under the request transfer policy of Banks.
  • Officers in Bank may be divided into two broad category for the purpose of transfer i.e. Female and Male officers. Transfer Policy for Male and Female officers are different to each other
  • Preferential Transfer Policy for Female Officers: Married women should be transferred at the place or near to the place where her husband reside
  • Preferential Transfer Policy for Female Officers: Unmarried women should be place at the place of near to the place where her parents reside
  • General Transfer Policy for all Officers: For all officers every bank has formulated a transfer policy with some conditions. The officer who fulfills these conditions may be transferred to the place of his choice. Main conditions are:
            a)Number of year of service in present circle
            b)Vacancy in requested place/circle/Zone

            c)Completion of Rural and Semi Urban Posting

            d)Waiting list for the requested place/circle/zone

2. Transfer of Clerks:
  • Generally, clerks are posted at the place of his/her choice and therefore they do not require any transfer on request.
  • If at the time of joining the bank, there was no vacancy at the place of his/her choice then he/she may be posted at the place near to his place of choice and later may be transferred to his place of choice as and when the vacancy arises
  • Banks provide request transfer opportunity to clerks once in life time
  • Transfer of clerk is also subject to the following conditions:

            a)Vacancy at the requested place

            b)Waiting list for that vacancy


  • All the officers of all Public Sector Banks are liable to be transferred anywhere in India on administrative ground.
  • Reason for such transfer may be promotion, probation, training, shortfall of staff, excess of staff, rotation after certain number of years of services mostly 3 years etc.
  • For Clerks: There is no inter state transfer of Clerk on administrative ground.
  • However as per norms his services may be transferred  to nearby branches to meet the criteria of maximum number of years of continuous service in a branch mostly 5 years
Reference: Transfer policy of my Bank (Name doesn't matter 😊)


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